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Nothin Like the Sound

Arizona Cowboy Poets

filmed by Evelyn Shaw

Jose Flores

Arizona Cowboy Poets

filmed by Evelyn Shaw

John and Charlie

Arizona Cowboy Poets

filmed by Evelyn Shaw

Romance of Western Life


1. The Romance of Western Life

2. Moment in Time

3. Riding on the Wind

4. A Cowboy's Prayer

5. Nevada Highway

6. Right and Wrong

7. There Ain't a Day

8. John and Charlie

9. Jose Flores

10. Whistle

11. My Son

12. Hired Hand

13. Hail and Farewell


all songs by Gail Steiger

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A Matter of Believin'


A two CD set of songs and stories that includes a brief history of my family's ranching experience. The first CD is the entire show with all of the stories and editorial comments. The second CD has only the songs and poems.


1. Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail   Gail Gardner

2. Real Cowboy Life   Gail Gardner

3. Here Comes That Rainbow Again   Kris Kristofferson

4. Willie   Gail Steiger

5. Her First Calf   Wendell Berry

6. Nothin' Like the Sound   Gail Steiger

7. Summer Day   Mary Oliver

8. Sea of Lights   Joe Robertson

9. Grandpa Had a Farm   Gail Steiger

10. If I Had a Boat   Lyle Lovett

11. Matter of Believin'   Gail Steiger

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